Lawyers: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Lawyers: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Most Well-Known Sexual Harassment Cases in the US

In 2017, there was the Weinstein effect, this is when men and women opened up on their past experience of sexual harassment. There was the #me too movement that leads handling of the sexual harassment cases this is because they pointed finger to the top leaders in power who failed them and never listened to the allegations. There are the most well-known sexual harassment cases in the US this include as the page suggests

There is the well-known case of Ani Chopourian. The Chopourian was awarded 160 million dollars after winning the case for compensation but later she was denied the amount, there was an argument between the attorneys that lead to reducing the amount.

There is the well-known case of Ashley Alford. Ashley Alford sued the former manager with the allegation of sexual harassment in 2011, there was the awarding of $95M that reduced to $6M by the end of the case.

There the well-known case of Anucha Browne Sanders. The case of Anucha Browne Sanders lead to the loss of her job due to filling a complaint on sexual harassment, the final awarding of the case was $11.5 Million .

Paula Puopolo is also a well-known case. In 1991, there was the sexual harassment case of Paula suing the US Navy, she victim suffered in the hand of 200 aviators during the ritual of Gauntlet.

Lois Jenson is a well-known case. The women in the company filed a lawsuit against the men who were sexually harassing and humiliating them, it took many years for a lawyer to handle the case, there was awarding of $3.5 million for the settlement.

There is the famous case of Charlie Rose. Rose was fired when the allegation of sexual harassment case was public; there was the suspension of his show.

There is the famous case of Anita Hill. The Anita Hill case was in1991, she was suing the Thomas for sexual harassment that was taking place at the workplace, this case gave courage to the victim who facing this challenge at the workplace.

There is the well-known case of six years old and the Brockton. There were charges that the family was suing due to the national attention, as a result, there was an apology.

There is the prominent case of David Letterman. In this case, there was an allegation that David had affairs with former employers, this lead to him making money on-screen performance while the Halderman was convicted with extortion.

There is the well-known case of Bill O’Reilly. The sexual harassment case of Bill awarding of the case was $32million but he never admitted to any form of harassment, this lead to the renewing of the contract.

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