Writing Tips for The Average Joe

Writing Tips for The Average Joe

The Three Phases Of a Story Structure

In a story, you will come across events and plots. Basically, these events are to be arranged in a certain order sand that order is called plot. The arrangement of these events creates consistency and the reader of the story is able to click or rather understand different stages. Basically, the author of the story will always have their protagonist going through these events through their character motivations. In the whole story, the main character has their goals that they need to achieve. There are instances where the main character will divert from their original goal and objective and be distracted to embrace other motivations like avoidance. No matter how the protagonist deviates from the main story, they will always retrace their goal which is tends to be the climax of the event. Every story should have three structures. Through this article, you will learn about the elementary things contained in the story structure.

In every story, a storyteller will always start with their first act. This is the act where the protagonist of the main character leads a normal and regular life which later on gets some interference. In the literary world, the phase or the act is also known as the inciting incident. In fact, without the first act, there is no story at all. It is where the events kick off and they will all follow progressively up to the climax level. The first act will ultimately define the main objective for the main character and this is what drives the main character through the story. The person who is always responsible for the interference experienced by the protagonist is the antagonist. Within the first act, there will be a culmination with the protagonist making the first turning point.

The second act follows and it comprises of all the intensifying events. It is during these escalating events that the protagonist commits a lot of failures and successes. The journey gets rough and intense and the protagonist gets tougher. This is an act where the main character gets to a point of no return. This act will lead the antagonist to be faced by the protagonist in a fight. However, the act concludes with the protagonist somewhat losing to the antagonist.

The last or third act of a story entails having the climax of the story or rather the last battler. Basically, this is where the protagonist gets to uncover the trust. He will learn about all his failure and mistakes and what have been conspiring all through. Basically, the Main character will culminate the story with defeating the antagonist.

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