What Research About Services Can Teach You

What Research About Services Can Teach You

What You Need to Know about Bail Bonds

When you get arrested for a crime, you have to be arrested by the police and you are taken to jail. Until the judgment has been made by the judge, you are supposed to stay in jail for the whole time. Preparing for the case or your defense can be very difficult if you do it when you are inside or in jail. Until you have been proven guilty of the offense, you always have some freedom because you are presumed to be innocent. In many of the criminal cases, the prosecutor or the plaintiff is only supposed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you committed the offense. Until the verdict of the case has been given, bail bond that usually given by the courts of law to ensure that you do not run away. Many of the times, the idea behind the bail bond is that it’s an amount of money that will ensure that you appear before the courts of law because it is too huge to just put away. The amount of money that you supposed to put in terms of the bail bond is always determined by the judge.

Many of the times, there are a number of states where the amounts have been preset although, the judge still has the power to overturn that. The amount of money that has been set as the bail bond will have to be given by you or a person that is close to you. It would be possible for you to get out of jail immediately the bail bond amount has been paid. The amount of money has to be paid to the courts of law during the working hours and if it’s past the working hours, the amount of money can be paid at the jail. After putting the bail, your responsibility will be ensuring that you have been able to present yourself at the courts whenever you have a court hearing. This is something that is going to continue until the judgment has been made.

Normally, the bail bond amount is supposed to be returned to you if you present yourself fully until the case is over but if that does not happen and you do not have a valid reason, the money will be taken away. The good thing about all this is that there are available agents that you can be able to use to post the bail on your behalf in case you do not have the money but you will have to pay them a commission of around 10%.

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