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3 Ways To Keep Yourself Safe at All Times

3 Ways To Keep Yourself Safe at All Times

It's Up to You to Keep Yourself Safe

Personal safety is a serious issue and one that should never be ignored. You might assume that you are safe simply because you’re in a public place like a parking lot, but sadly, you’d be wrong. It is estimated that about 25% of rapes happen in a public area. Thankfully, you can reduce your chances of being attacked by following these simple tips. 

Be Aware

One of the easiest ways for a predator to attack you is to make yourself an easy target. If you are on your phone or rooting through your bag, you can’t see what is happening around you. If you reach your car and see something on the windshield, leave it. Predators often use this tactic to lure a woman out of her car, so they can grab you and take your vehicle at the same time. Additionally, if your car has a flat tire when you come out to it, go immediately back inside and call for assistance. If someone asks if they can help, politely decline and stay inside the business you just came from. 

Keep Protection

A great way to keep yourself safe is to keep some protection on your person at all times. It can be pepper spray or a small knife that folds into a key that hangs on your keyring. Or, if you choose to have a firearm, you can wear concealed carry coats and jackets so that it’s not obvious that you are carrying. Whatever you decide to use, take classes on how to properly and safely use it. If you don’t use it correctly, you could end up hurting yourself in the process.

Don’t Go Alone

If you leave a mall or restaurant late at night and don’t have anyone with you, ask a security guard to escort you to your car. If you are at a company without a guard, ask an employee to walk with you. Predators are much more likely to attack people by themselves than people who are in pairs or groups. … Read More..

Why should you get car parts and bike pieces’ replacements during Black Friday to save money?

Why should you get car parts and bike pieces’ replacements during Black Friday to save money?

It’s Black Friday! And you know what that means, yes, it’s shopping season and we’re all running around visiting all the online stores to get all our holidays, as well as household shopping done while prices are still low. Don’t you think it will be better to do the shopping for your car or bike or any automobile you have? It also saves you money as you can get spare parts at discounted prices. You can get new tires, windscreen wipers, mirrors, light bulbs and any other thing you think you may need for your car. You should read consumer feedback to get more info on what car parts are available for sale this Black Friday.

What automobile parts can you get at a cheaper rate this Black Friday?

If you’re wondering what car or bike parts you can purchase this Black Friday, here are a few you may just want to keep handy:


It may seem absurd but it is a great idea to have a spare battery and it’s no news that car batteries are extremely expensive. However, Black Friday is a perfect opportunity to get new car batteries even if you don’t need them at the moment. You could ensure the battery is properly stored or kept and only get it out when you need it. So when your car battery dies, you’re not thinking of how to get a new one because you already have one waiting. You can also visit online outlets like Halfords leisure battery and look through the deals they offer for Black Friday, then make a choice that suits you and your vehicle. 


It’s always a good idea to have spare tires for your automobiles, maybe your bike, your car or even both. You can get quality tires at really great prices. You should take advantage of Black Friday sales to get new spare tires, you could need some before the next Black Friday, and it’s always nice to have one around just in case of an emergency. 

What should you consider when buying spare parts for your car or bike?

Here are a few things you should look out for before buying extra parts for your car or bike 


The importance of getting quality products cannot be overemphasized. Car parts will not only get worn out easily, but they could cause even more damage to your car or bike and lead to an accident which is a life threat.

Ensure that the part you purchase is compatible with your car or bike

You do not want to make the mistake of purchasing spare parts that are not compatible with your car or bike. There are different models of cars and bikes from different companies, all of which have something that makes them unique. Ensure that whatever part you purchase is compatible with your vehicle, otherwise, it would be a waste of money.… Read More..