Lessons Learned from Years with Opportunities

Lessons Learned from Years with Opportunities

How to Market Your Business on Fed Biz Ops

Fed Biz Ops is an online listing of federal business opportunities that are made available to business in the private sector. All companies that have completed the minimum required registration for selling to the authorities have the ability to enroll on Fed Biz Ops and check out submitted solicitations.

This is how to go about marketing your company to the United States Federal and State Government Agencies and target qualifying solicitations.

Registering Your Business on Fed Biz Ops.

Registering your business on Fed Biz Ops is a significant step in selling to the government, as it gives you a chance to list the abilities of your business, website address and contacts among others. Similar to how companies are trying to find some federal business opportunities to submit their bids, the agents in the government are busy scanning fedbizopps for some qualified supplier for many untold contracting by the government.

Be thorough when registering your organization on federal biz ops and include some self-certification status such as disabled vet owned, minority owned and women owned.

Identifying the Opportunities.

When searching for federal business opportunities, It’s important to have a realistic point of view as a business owner. Once registered on fedbizopps, business owners can search for opportunities by NAICS, set aside status, date of solicitation, and much more. It is advisable to first search for government contracting opportunities within your NAICS and certification for which government contracts have been set aside.

Review each solicitation to ensure that your business qualifies for the bid submission. Also, check out documents such as performance work statement and qualification modifications for example: Length of time in business, yearly gross revenue requirements, and other significant details which show if the solicitation you are considering is a valuable federal small business opportunity for your company.

You should consider confirming if you meet the basic requirements and if the solicitation will be open for long enough for you to prepare a bid. In the event the opportunity in is set to expire within days, then you do not have the time to attend the required pre-contract meetings and site visits and prepare a proper bidding. Most of the solicitations expire on the indicated date but you can still check out for extensions.


As soon as you have identified opportunities for which your company qualifies, it will be essential that you build a plan for submitting your bid on gathering all documentation. It’s absolutely acceptable and often times required to do a site visit before the contract is awarded so as to gauge the scope of the project. In addition, you have to be aware of the compulsory pre-award meetings and modifications posted which could have a big impact on the requirements of bid submission.

Billions of dollars worth of business opportunities are awarded on fedbizopps every year, and there is not any reason why your organization can not be one of the many vendors profiting from procurement on Fed Biz Ops.

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