Is Vegan Diet or Veganism Good For Your Health?

Is Vegan Diet or Veganism Good For Your Health?

What Is Veganism, and What Do Vegans Eat?

Many people attribute the word “vegan to images or videos of top celebrities downing green juice after some yoga class. However, the idea of a vegan diet is much more than the trendy misconception. Statistically, a report claims that about 3% of the United States population are strictly vegans.

Furthermore, the United States also holds a surging high sales number of plant-based foods. This is true when we checked what people are saying in the food-related sections on US-Reviews. Although research on vegan diets has proven to lack some nutrients like vitamin B-12 and iron, it also offers several health benefits. This article will show you what a vegan diet is, its benefits, food ideas, and other related matters.

What Is a Vegan Diet?

A vegan diet primarily involves a meal plan containing only plant-based foods. In addition, the people participating in the vegan diet follow a strict no animal product eating policy. And this includes dairy, eggs, and meat.

Vegans are generally more health-conscious and careful with what they put in their carts, so they shop from health food companies. If you’re looking to join this class of people, it’s best to read US healthy food companies reviews to find out what other vegans are saying about them.

Generally, this diet plan can either be a lifestyle choice or a newfound dietary pattern. Sometimes, people who choose the vegan dieting plan might also avoid soaps, clothes, and other products containing animal parts.

Some people adopt this vegan diet based on environmental benefits and animal life prolongation. Nevertheless, these people must understand that this diet often lacks key ingredients found only in animal products.

However, if ideally taken, the vegan diet partakers will not lack any nutrients. This is because they would usually add these missing nutrients as supplements to their vegan meals.

Benefits of a Vegan Diet

As earlier stated, a vegan diet often lacks some nutrients like vitamin B-12, iron, and calcium. However, there are much more benefits attached to this diet plan than meets the eye. Some of the benefits of an ideally taken vegan diet include;

Improved Heart Health

A 2019 study revealed a linkage between high intake of plant-based meals and low animal food to reduce heart diseases. And according to the American Heart Association, animal products containing cheese, meat, and butter contain ingredients that elevate cholesterollevels – which ultimately causes increased heart disease and stroke.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Following a survey, a vegan diet showed to reduce blood glucose level while maintaining it at the standard range. Furthermore, a 2019 study highlighted that plant-based diets filled with fruits, legumes, and vegetables helped reduce type 2 diabetes risk.

Weight Loss

Generally, people involved in vegan diets tend to possess a lower body mass index than others with different food plans. A 2015 study suggested that vegan diets can be more effective for weight loss than omnivorous and semi-vegetarian meals. Primarily, most animal foods have high fat, making plant-based meals with fewer calories more ideal for weight loss.

Decreased Risk of Cancer

An expert vegan diet reviewer hinted in 2017 that this meal plan is super-impactful in reducing cancer risk by 15%. Primarily because these meals are high in fiber, phytochemicals, and vitamins, some researchers even link “red meat” to being a probable cause for cancer.

Vegan Food Ideas

If you plan on starting a vegan diet, there are a few meals you might want to consider as a first. These meals include:

  • Legumes.
  • Nuts.
  • Flax, Hemp, and Chia Seeds.
  • Vegetables.
  • Fruits
  • Healthy fats.

Veganism vs Vegetarian

Here’s the significant difference between vegans and vegetarians is that the latter consumes daily products or eggs. Meanwhile, vegans are strict on excluding all traces of animal-based ingredients and products. Furthermore, the vegan diet is more restricted – making some people indecisive about joining the food plan.

Final Thoughts

The vegan diet is an excellent healthy life choice for anyone looking to engage. However, a vegan diet can turn out to be pretty unbeneficial if not taken correctly. To enjoy the good parts of a vegan diet, you must understand what the diet holds and how long you can continue.

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