A Brief History of Activities

A Brief History of Activities

A Comprehensive Guide on Standards Gradebooks

Traditional gradebooks usually stress on the performance and assignment records of students. The information entered on the book helps teachers and learners to assess and analyze the performance as an indication of their strengths and weaknesses and the things that need to be done to improve. However, it is not easy to know the specific strengths or weakness in the skills of a student using the conventional method. You see, there are various reasons why a student might not perform well on an assignment but that doesn’t mean they are weak. This is why the majority of K-12 schools have implemented the online standards based gradebook system.

A merger of assessments and standards

Studying online means that there are teachers who are ready to provide learning resources such as lessons and skill guides to students. So, whenever the student completes a learning activity, they are assessed and graded and that is automatically recorded in the standards gradebook.

Of course, this means that the standard-based grading method is more beneficial to students than the traditional system as it helps keep track the step-by-step performance of a student. For example, the learner may not have to be assessed when under pressure as the assessment is part of the learning process. Consider an annual examination for instance- if a student misses due to illnesses or other compelling factors, he’s considered a failure, which is wrong. Constant assessment through the standards gradebook is far more accurate a way of recording a student’s learning than the traditional way.

The student’s understanding record

When the student completes tackling the standard-based activities, the teacher is able to see the performance information on the digital gradebook. The measured standards ably see the performance info on the gradebook. The logically arranged data is allows the teacher to note the number of assessments done on each standard and the corresponding performance of the student. This makes the online standards based gradebook effective for remote learning.

Analysis of the learner’s performance

The academic progress of a student is easy to tell especially after they have undergone a number of standard-based assessments. The tutors rely on this information to know the points of weakness or strength on their students. With a good analysis, the teacher gets to know what part of the syllabus needs to be readdressed so that the student can become sure. In short, the ability to know what the student performs well or badly means that the teacher now knows what to stress out in their training expeditions. In the end, the online standards based gradebook is an efficient track of learning activities.
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