4 Popular Upgrades for Your Glock

4 Popular Upgrades for Your Glock

The Glock is a popular handgun and a favorite among many enthusiasts. One of the things that a lot of gun owners enjoy is upgrading their handgun with aftermarket accessories. There are plenty of options, though, and you could spend a lot of time trying to decide which upgrades and attachments to play with first. If you want to get straight to the fun stuff, here’s a list of popular accessories, mods, and upgrades:

One: Improved Sights

One complaint about the Glock is that it tends to shoot high. Some gun owners compensate for this by investing in a better sight. One of the most popular is the red dot sight. This sight can be used in a variety of conditions and is a good option for people who are learning to shoot. The holographic-type red dot light is light and compact, so it won’t interfere with becoming familiar with the weight of your gun.

Two: Low-Light Shooting Attachments

Whether you believe you’ll use your handgun for protective reasons, or you just enjoy shooting in a variety of settings, overcoming low-light conditions is a good solution. Naturally, training trumps the use of any mods or attachments. However, a weapon-mounted light is a convenient solution. You’ll also need to purchase a holster that accommodates the light.

Three: Firm Grips

Another common complaint from Glock owners is that the grip tends to be a bit slippery. A popular option is to buy a rubber or granulate type grip. You could also try a gun grip tape. When making your choice in this area, consider grip security, thickness, ease of installation, and impact on muzzle flip.

Four: Drop-In Trigger

Even when everything else in your Glock is perfect, the trigger could use some attention. There are many options, but the glock drop in trigger eases the heavyweight pull that is customary in Glocks. The right upgrade reduces the pull weight to less than 5.5 pounds.

Keep in mind that any changes you make to your handgun should be done with the intent to improve safety and performance. Don’t make any changes that could put you or the people around you in harm’s way.  

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